Adasto is a web and communication agency specialized in marketing, advertising, graphic design and publishing. To use these media effectively, we have brought together three worlds, which are today complementary: graphics, communication and information technology.

Our mission is always to stimulate the audience attention and desires, arousing the curiosity, with clear and precise answers for every requirement. With passion, we create and strengthen the client image.

Adasto offers a complete range of communication services with personalization after a suitable analysis phase. Our clients are part of various sectors: from medicine to fashion, from insurance to mechanic industry, from education to food industry.

Our method is to develop the concept with client, thanks to a continuous exchange of ideas.

Our areas of specialization are:
> Marketing
> Web
> Graphics
> Publishing


The first rule for an efficient marketing communication is planning.

Adasto helps clients in every step to create and improve their brand image and launch products. In fact, in the development phase we consider every variable, such as the company characteristics, the market, the product, the competitors and available resources.

Planning> Press
> Internet
> Publishing

Direct Marketing> Email Marketing
> Newsletter Management
> Mailing

PR > Press office
> Social Networks
> Web reputation

Promotion > Electronics
> Clothing
> Gadgets

Web Services

Adasto can help you to create, manage and update your web site, of any kind, from most complex to simplest ones. It is important merging between design and usability to have an effective web site, in order to endorse the interaction with the audience.

Web Design> Graphic development
> Web site creation
> Structure design
> Update management

Web Marketing> Google Ads campaign and SEO
> Newsletter management
> E-mail marketing
> Banner campaign


Adasto carefully analyses the company and his product characteristics to develop the graphic line and a coherent message to achieve a final efficient communication. The creative couple, art director and copywriter, comes up with the creative idea and its realization.

Coordinated Image > Brand planning
> Business Cards
> Envelopes
> Headed paper
> Company profiles
> Inside signs > Communication handbooks

Marketing > Catalogues
> Depliants
> Brochures
> Flayers
> Packaging
> Handbooks
> Technical Sheets

Advertising > Adv pages
> Posters

Outdoor > Signs
> Banners

Stores > Panels
> Exhibitors
> Layouts


Adasto is focused on both digital and paper publications. We offer a complete publishing support that concerns graphic, editorial and organizational aspects.

Paper publishing - Online publishing - Digital publishing

Editorial Graphics> Graphic project
> Headlines
> Pages
> Layouts
> Image research

Editorial Services > Editing
> Revising drafts
> Editorial coordination
> Printing

Information Communication Technology

Adasto lunches a solution in ICT. Adasto proposes Orphea Studio, in partnership with Oodrive in Italy, where some companies such as Mondadori, Edison and Fai have already chosen this software. Orphea Studio offers, an innovative solution for multimedia file management in several languages and on various devices:

> Pc
> Tablet
> Smartphone

With Orphea Studio you can share, centralize and deliver files with colleagues and with branch offices, improving the internal communication. In addition, it is a useful tool to manage marketing and advertising files externally and internally. Uploading files is very easy and protected thanks to a restricted access system. Photos can be stored and you can share and sell them.
With Orphea RIM, you can manage database commercial activities, copyrights and accounting.

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